Adelaide Sex girls

She was a very attractive girl, like the ones in my dreams. Well, this one was a dream too, but let me tell you about this dream: I was on vacation in Australia, hunting Kangaroos with Crocodile Dundee, and there she was, taking a sun bath near a small lake, with a tiny bikini, so small that i didn’t saw it at the beginning. Dundee saw her too, and crashes the jeep to a palm. Then she run to us, to see if every is fine, and I can’t believe… It was Alice. 24 years I’ve been living next door to Alice, 24 years just waiting for a chance To tell her how I feel and maybe get a second glance. And now she’s here, but didnt remember me. We start talking, she sings in the “adelaide Sex Girls” group. We all go back to the hotel in Adelaide. Dundee girlfriend received him with surprise, and took him to his room. Alice and me to my room… She start taking care of my scratches, and then took off her clothes. Now I remember why I felt what I feel now. You will not believe her curves… her skin… her ASS!! Alice took off my pants, started touching me softly while her eyes looked mines, and then started an incredible blow job, oh shit, THE blow job. Suddenly somebody knocks at the door. It was the police! Adelaide Sex Girls was not only a musical group but a group of Bank Thieves! -”Come on! Let’s use the fire escape” took my hand and we run downstairs to her car, the other girls of the group were waiting for us, and then she drives fast going outside the city to the lake at the beginning of the story. Once safe there, all the girls started to took off the clothes and went over me, oh man, you would not believe, they were so degenerate and savage, first was Alice, then the red head, after that the endian-like one, the piercing one… I was being raped, again and again. I get alone for a while, so I try to get into the car and get away from there, but Alice catchs me, and gives me a shot! I woke up with the heart in my mouth… what a crazy dream!

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  1. Adelaide_girls_lover says:

    I really understand what you mean I can help you to make that dream true if you come to adelaide just drop me an e-mail and I will take you where you will experience the best adelaide sex and believe me it will not be a dream ;-)

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